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Office Order
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I.C.D.S. Cell, Saharsa : Order related to selection of Anganwadi Sahayika/ Sevika 24/12/2020 View (2 MB)
District Panchayat Section : Letter no. 941, dated-22.12.2020 22/12/2020 View (1 MB)
District Establishment Section, Saharsa : Order regarding appointment of executive assistant (contactual) 16/12/2020 View (1 MB)
District General Section, Saharsa : Notice regarding voluntary retiered chowkidar / dafadaar on the post of chowkidar 29/08/2020 View (127 KB)
Karmik Koshang, Saharsa : Order regarding providing information on the updated status of personnel as a result of death / transfer in order of structure of personnel data base on the occasion of Bihar Legislative General Election, 2020 18/08/2020 View (888 KB)
Karmik Koshang, Saharsa : Order regarding sending Karmik checklist verification report for Bihar Assembly General Election-2020 16/07/2020 View (1 MB)
District Animal Husbandry Office, Saharsa : List of medicines available in veterinary hospitals / dispensaries in Saharsa district 13/07/2020 View (730 KB)
Karmik Koshang, Saharsa : Letter No. 11, dated-9.07.2020 09/07/2020 View (195 KB)
District Disaster Management Section, Saharsa : Notice regarding Prawasi Majdoor Niskraman Sahayata Yojna 04/07/2020 View (994 KB)
District General Section, Saharsa : Order Regarding appointment of chowkidar 15/06/2020 View (228 KB)