About District

Saharsa district was established on 1st April, 1954 and since 2 October 1972, it is the headquarter of Kosi Division. Shri Ugratara Temple, Mahishi, Sun Temple, Kandaha, Chandikasthan, Viratpur, Rakta Kali Mandir, Matsyagandha, Saharsa are the famous tourist places in Saharsa District.
Since ancient times Mahishi Village of Saharsa district has been famous for the shastrarth – a religious discourse between two eminent scholars of Indian philosophy Adi Shankaracharya and Pandit Mandan Mishra.
“Where the parrot (shuk) and myna are thinking in pure Sanskrit – what vedas are infinite i.e. no evidence should be required or should be proved with the help of other texts and the disciples are singing, the same is the residence of Mandan Mishra. Pandit Mishra was a student of emerging eminent scholar Kumaril Bhatt of that time.
It is said that Bharti, wife of Mandan Mishra, who was also a great sage, was named as the judge during that shasthrarth- the religious discourse.